Semalt Tips For Optimizing Your Product Review Page For Google

Product review has come to mean a lot to users in today's market. As a user-focused search engine, Google also considers review to be quite important. That is why websites dedicate more time and resources to ensuring that their review pages rank higher and convert more buyers by standing out. 

When users decide to buy a product online, they usually go through reviews to know what to expect from the product or service. Reading high-quality reviews can significantly impact a consumer's final decision. Many times, having a high-quality review will impact whether or not a consumer buys a product or not. 

What makes A Review Page So Important?

Consumers prefer to know exactly what they are getting themselves into when they buy your product. Especially when they have no previous experience with the brand. In such cases, having a review page that informs them of all they need to know is seen as a gesture that proves your product is genuine and you don't mind your consumers airing their genuine opinion of your products / services. 

Since reviews aren't controlled by the brand, many online shoppers rely on product reviews to evaluate products and services. 

Google is also aware of this trend which is why Google put a new product review update live. This feature prioritizes reviews that provide consumers with more insight and details on a product. The more in-depth a review is, the more information it provides the reader. This limits the number of cases where the product doesn't match the reviews online. 

At this point, Google says that the new product review update isn't a core update, but it still is important, and we are dedicated to helping your website meet these new standards.

How To Optimize Your Website For Google Product Update

Write Longer and more informative Reviews

Having long and informative reviews ranks on SERP on its own. You should know that Google values content that is informative and valuable. This logic also applies to reviews. Longer reviews usually represent a genuine and accurate representation of a product or service. 

Google knows that internet users appreciate product reviews, especially reviews that were written after in-depth research. They tend to mean more to a user when compared to thin content, which only summarizes products. 

If you currently have only short product reviews on your website, you should contact Semalt to have that fixed. If you want your product review page to contribute to the traffic your website enjoys and its conversions, you need longer reviews that are in-depth and factual. 

Give Accurate Descriptions

Your reviews and product must work hand in hand. You can't review say things that your product doesn't support. Giving an accurate description of your product is a necessary part of your product review.
When users read your reviews, they should get a good idea of what to expect when they encounter your product. 

To make things easier, you can include images and videos as part of your content. Visual content paints a vivid image of your product in the minds of your reader.

Giving accurate descriptions doesn't stop at providing images or videos of your products. You also need to explain how it's used. Not all products require technical knowledge before use, but there's no harm in explaining how to get the most from your product to your consumers. 

Explain how the product performs. Consumers pay attention to the performance-related data on certain products to aid them with their research. 

Prove that you're an expert

Consumers want to know that you're an expert on what you're talking about. Your content must show that your opinion can be trusted. With so many sources of information on the internet, it is common to encounter false information. To be considered relevant, your content must show that you are a trustworthy professional. 

As part of this update, Google also highlights the importance of showing expert knowledge when reviewing your product. We also know that Expertise is one of the essentials in E-A-T. This, of course, makes it an important ranking factor. 

If asked to write a product review for a client, we spend quality time familiarizing ourselves with the product itself. This makes it not only original, but we deliver an accurate and realistic review readers can trust. By showing your audience that you are trustworthy, your opinions on topics can carry more weight. 

Include the Good and Bad

It is important to remain balanced with your review. This is something not all consumers are okay with. That is because no one wants any bad thing to be said about their brands. But it's important that reviews remain reviews and not another way to market a product. 

By being balanced, you stand a better chance of convincing buyers who need the product. To create better reviews, the content must remain neutral. This means you're honest in your reviews. Google has also advised websites to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the products they review. 

You must understand that negatives won't paint your brand as "bad"; it only shows the possible letdowns. It tells your customers areas where your product isn't the best. However, your positives shine a light on areas where you excel tremendously. 

Show what makes your product stand out

No matter how special your products are, there is a great possibility that other products exist with similar characteristics. With so many varieties of any given product in the market today, you need to show what makes your product different. 

Your reviews should help readers answer the question "Why?". They should be able to see why they should go with your product, and not your competitions'. Consumers can't be left in the dark to decide which product is better than others. This is something you as a brand must tell your audience. 

A product review must tell your readers what you offer that others can't. Give your readers a reason to choose you. Even in cases where the product only slightly differs from others, it is important to highlight this peculiarity. Sometimes, consumers need to be made aware of these slight differences so they can decide what to buy. 

When writing a product review, we mustn't overlook anything that can help set your products apart. 


Every page on your website has a role it should play, including your product review page. There's no need to panic if your product reviews aren't currently optimized for Google's new product review updates. 

Like all Google updates, the product reviews updates are aimed to provide your visitors with the best experience possible. With so many product versions, having a product review page is essential to convince consumers to make the best choice for their needs. It's no surprise Google is so interested in product reviews.

Updating your reviews is something Semalt can help with. Many website owners prefer to pawn this task to professionals because it can be time-consuming and requires a lot of work, depending on the current state of your review page. 

Contact us today and watch our experts optimize your product review pages.